Used Ishida Scales

Make Money with Your Used Ishida Scales

Thanks to some very careful planning on behalf of your accounting department, you were able to install several new Ishida scales in your production and packaging lines. Your employees will certainly appreciate the brand new equipment as it will no doubt make their jobs easier and speed up the production line. The question that remains is what to do with the used Ishida scales that you have taken out of service.

You can make your accounting department very happy by selling your used Ishida scales and putting the money back into the reserve account. At the same time, your used scales can help another company who perhaps is not in a position to buy new equipment. Your used scales might make it possible for them to upgrade and not only stay in business, but increase their bottom line by speeding up their own production lines.

If you are ready to sell your used Ishida scales, contact us at Ark Machinery and we will arrange for a representative to inspect your used equipment and make an offer.

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